Health Reform 2.0: What to Expect in Round Two

  • The intersections of cost containment pressures, competition from new entrants, clinical innovation, politics and the Affordable Care Act’s implementation through 2020: how will each sector respond, and what factors will determine winners and losers 
  • The status of the ACA’s implementation 
  • Two catalysts for disruptive change: employers seeking value and consumers forced to engage directly 
  • Speed traps for providers—physicians, hospitals, long term care providers: fraud and adherence to evidence-based medicine; business relationship transparency 
  • Realities for health insurers: new customers, consolidation, scrutiny, diversification

Megatrends impacting the US Health Care Industry

  • Health and Entitlement Reforms (Regulatory) 
  • Clinical Innovations that Disrupt Traditional Modes of Care 
  • Data-driven health care: the convergence of financial and clinical data 
  • Employer activism: the relentless pursuit of value and exit from ESI 
  • Plan Growth and Consolidation: new customers, new realities 
  • Consumerism: the buck stops at home 
  • New Competitors: Taking Advantage of the Industry’s Disruption

Consumerism in Health Care: Is the Industry Ready?

  • Expenditures 
  • Attitudes and Beliefs 
  • Expectations and Trade-Offs 
  • Opportunities

Industry Restructuring: ‘Go Big or Get Out’

  • Physician-Hospital Alignment 
  • Acute-Long-Term Care Integration 
  • Plan-Plan Consolidation 
  • Plan-Hospital Strategic Partnerships 
  • Emergent Niche Sectors 
  • OWAs (Other Weird Arrangements)

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